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Cut Teazles for the textile industry

Il Poggiolo farm supply teazles for the textile industry and they can be drilled, cut, in several size, with no minimum qtt orders for sampling or production.

teazle stem Teazles for the textile industry with stem

available in all measures and qtt requested by the customers.

teazle dry flower industry Teazles for the dry flower industry

Teazles are also very nice in dry flower industry, as a singular ornament or in flower composition.

teazle seeds Teazle seeds

The teazle seeds are commonly used in the feeding mix for domestic birds.

roller teazle Roller teazles

Using the roller teazles on your wool garment, you'll achieve results which can nor be reached with any other plastic tool. An old, hairy pullover will come back as brand new after a few wipes.
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